Based in Australia’s fashion capital ‘Melbourne’, Elizabeth JEAN produces jewellery and accessories inspired by their ethos of 'Classically Luxe'.

After fulfilling her aspiration to travel to 21 countries by her 21st birthday, designer and founder of Elizabeth JEAN; Elizabeth Stewart returned to her studies at Australia’s Monash University - completing her Bachelor of Interior Architecture with Honors. Elizabeth never imagined that her path would then lead her to jewellery and accessories design, it was something that grew organically from her. First commissioned to design a small range for a family member, this then lead to creating her own label and online boutique. The designs became so popular that the label was given the opportunity to expand across both the Australian and international markets, shipping pieces to Vienna, Canada and London.

Inspired by Elizabeth’s late Grandmother 'Jean Victoria Mudge' (1922- 2001). Elizabeth wished to instill each of her designs with the elegance and grace that her Grandmother always embodied throughout her life. 

A designer and tailoress by trade, Jean was renowned for her ability to create the most beautiful clothing and gowns, with a specialty in bridal couture. With this in mind, Elizabeth aspired to continue Jean’s legacy by focusing part of her label on the bridal market, customising pieces to compliment gowns. elizabethJEAN offers 18ct hard gold plated pieces cutomised through the use of quality artisan sourced cubic zirconia stones and leather hides.

Alongside the bridal collection is the ‘Ready to Wear’ range- also offering clients the option to customise according to their personal style and aesthetic.

With quality a driving force behind each design at Elizabeth JEAN, all stones and leathers are pieced together by hand in Australia. As a result Elizabeth JEAN provides authentically personalised jewellery, which effortlessly blends timeless and contemporary styles for today’s fashion forward woman.